The Brazilian Symposium on Software Quality (SBQS) is an annual event from the Special Committee on Software Engineering from the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) and the Brazilian Program for Software Quality and Productivity (SW-PBQP) Committee. The event aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, businessmen, professors and students from various fields who are interested in issues related to software quality.

The symposium also encourages the exchange of information between national and foreign renowned researchers, and between industry and users, about the current state and trends, in terms of methods, techniques, software tools, evidence and practical experiences in the area of Software Quality.

In 2015 the XIV SBQS will be held for the first time in Manaus and for the second time in the North Region, organized by the Institute of Computing (iCOMP) from the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM).

The SBQS became a forum in which the scientific community and the area of software industry meet to share experiences, discuss problems and solutions in the area of software quality and establish new partnerships. The SBQS program 2015 includes:

• Presentation of guest keynote speakers who are recognized in the field of Software Quality

• Presentation of technical papers and experience reports from industry

• Contests on Theses and Dissertations in Software Quality (CTDQS)

• Workshop on Theses and Dissertations in Software Quality (WTDQS)

• Meeting on Software Quality and Productivity (EQPS)

• III Workshop on Systems’ Transparency (WTRANS)

• Short-courses