Contest on Theses and Dissertations on Software Quality (CTDQS)


(In conjunction with SBQS 2015)


Three best doctoral dissertation (alphabetical order):

A Software Process Model for Follow the Sun Development   
Josiane Kroll (PUCRS)

Fault model-based variability Testing   
Ivan Machado (Universidade Federal da Bahia)

Recomendações de Melhoria Baseadas na Cultura Organizacional para Iniciativas em Melhoria de Processo de Software    
Odette Mestrinho Passos (Universidade Federal do Amazonas)

 Three best master thesis (alphabetical order):

Alinhando Perspectivas de Qualidade em Código Fonte a Partir de Estudos Experimentais – Um Caso na Indústria    
Talita Ribeiro (UFRJ – Brazil)

Avaliação Experimental da Abordagem SMarty para Gerenciamento de Variabilidade em Linhas de Produto de Software Baseadas em UML 
Anderson Marcolino  (Universidade Estadual de Maringá - Brazil)

SLeSS 2.0: uma evolução da abordagem de integração do scrum e lean six sigma para aplicações móveis   
Thiago Cunha (Universidade Federal do Ceará – UFC – Brazil)



The Contest on Theses and Dissertations on Software Quality (CTDQS 2015) aims to disseminate and reward the best doctoral dissertation and master’s thesis works in the area of  Software Quality completed, defended and approved in Brazil in 2014.

The CTDQS is also intended to encourage further graduate work in Software Quality, and encourage university-industry interaction in this area.


They will be awarded up to six jobs corresponding to the three best doctoral dissertations and the three best master thesis. These works should be presented at the Brazilian Symposium on Software Quality (SBQS 2015), and the corresponding papers will be published in the SBQS 2015 annals. The awards will be presented during the Solemn Opening of SBQS. Since 2008, the best master’s thesis  receives the award named “Prof. Arnaldo Dias Belchior. “

Target audience:

They can submit entries for this contest, doctors and masters in Software Quality area who defended their  dissertations or theses in Brazil in 2014, period January 1 to  December 31, 2014.

Submission of papers:

Candidates must submit their works electronically by JEMS system using the following page:, item SBQS 2015 – CTDQS 2015 and then choose the track that is appropriate to the work (CTDQS 2015 – dissertations or CTDQS 2015 – Thesis). The following documents must be submitted together:

1) A file with the full text of the thesis or dissertation in pdf;

2) A completion certificate and approval of the defense of the thesis / dissertation, issued by the Course Coordination , stating the name of the graduate program, the phone’s program coordinator, the defense date, the names (s) supervisor (s) and members of the board, with e-mail, the candidate’s name and the title of the thesis / dissertation. In the certificate must include information of only one write-in candidate in CTDQS.

Important: The candidate should also ask your counselor to send by e-mail, a letter which highlighted aspects because he believes that the candidate deserves the award. Such a letter should be sent to the coordinator of CTDQS 2015 Prof.. Dra. Carla Lima Reis (


It will only accept papers about Software Quality in Portuguese or in English, that expand or deepen knowledge in this area and not only use or make mention at Quality.

The selection will be based on the evaluation of the complete thesis / dissertation. The theses and dissertations submitted to CTDQS 2015 will go through an evaluation process by a committee composed of professionals from institutions of teaching and research with recognized performance in the area of Software Quality and experience in supervision of theses and dissertations.

The Statutory Committee will be chosen after finalized the date of dispatch of the works. In this case, it can’t be on the Committee teachers with students candidates for the award, and will be conducted by Coordinator of CTDQS 2015.


The selected candidates (up to 3 per category) shall submit, later, a paper in Portuguese to a maximum of 15 pages, based on theses and dissertations, following the standard format of the SBC (Brazilian Computer Society), available at http: //


1) Menu ‘Eventos’ (Events);
2) Window on left: ‘Arquivos’ (Files);
3) Item ‘Template para publicação de artigos’ (Template for paper publishing).

The 15 page limit includes figures, tables, charts, bibliography and appendices. Figures, tables and diagrams should be in black and white. Papers should clearly describe the research objectives, development, methodologies and results and contributions of labor. It is suggested that the authors do not make just a collage of parts of the thesis or dissertation but rather to write a text especially dedicated to emphasize the points above. This paper is the text to be published in the SBQS Annals.

Important dates

Thesis/dissertation sending deadline: April 30, 2015 (11:55 pm Brasilia time);
Coordinator certificate and Counselor letter sending deadline: April 30, 2015 (11:55 pm Brasilia time);
Divulgation of selection results: June 18, 2015 (*Updated);
Paper draft version deadline: June 26, 2015 (*Updated);
Paper change requests sending deadline: July 14, 2015 (*Updated);
Paper final version (camera-ready): July 21, 2015 (*Updated);


Profa. Dra. Carla Alessandra Lima Reis, UFPA, (