Theses and Dissertations on Software Quality Workshop (WTDQS)

Accepted Papers – WTDQS 2015

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The XIII Theses and Dissertations on Software Quality Workshop (WTDQS), inserted in the XIV Brazilian Symposium on Software Quality (SBQS 2015), is a forum dedicated to the presentation and discussion of master’s and doctoral works in Software Quality in development in Brazil.

The objective of this event is to provide a constructive atmosphere for discussions, providing opportunities for the students, not only to get feedback on their works, but also a position in relation to research in Software Quality. The aim is also to encourage the integration and the cooperation of researchers in the field and provide greater visibility to ongoing research to the academic and industrial community.

All submitted papers will be evaluated by three members of the Program Committee. Selected works will be presented by the student during the workshop. The works will receive opinions and constructive criticism of the Body Debaters Guest, composed of researchers from Software Quality area and community. The presence of the supervisor during the presentation, while not required, is recommended.


Papers submission: May 10, 2015 (11:55 pm Brasilia time)

Notification to authors: June 21, 2015 (*Updated)

Final version (camera-ready): June 29, 2015

Start of  WTDQS 2015: August 17, 2015


The topics of interest WTDQS 2015 include the following topics related to Software Quality, without, however, being limited to them:

- Software process (including agile methods), methods and tools;

- Process evaluation;

- Product review;

- Software Process Lines;

- Software Product Lines;

- Education Software Quality

- Requirements Engineering;

- Software Maintenance;

- Human Factors and Social Aspects of Software Quality;

- High Maturity and Statistical Process Control;

- Purchase;

- Quality warranty;

- Configuration Management;

- Management and Portfolio Project;

- Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning;

- Measurement and Analysis;

- Models and Capacity and Maturity Standards ;

- Process Modeling;

- Design and Integration of Software and Services;

- Software and Services Reuse;

- Verification, Validation and Testing;

- Usability and User Experience.


The submission to the XIII WTDQS should be made through a paper featuring the master’s or doctoral work. Priority will be given in the following cases:

- PhD works that are in the second or third year who have defended or in close proximity to the defense of his thesis proposal (qualification);

- Master works that have already approved proposal and have provided completion deadline for the next 12 months.

They should not be subjected master’s or doctoral work already completed or nearing completion, that is, whose defense is expected to occur next (before or after) the date of WTDQS, since at this stage little can contribute to the work.

Jobs can be submitted in Portuguese or English. All entries must be sent in two different files: cover page and content. The title page should include the following information:

- Title;

- Student;

- Advisor;

- Level (Masters or PhD);

- Graduate program;

- Student E-mail;

- Entry year in the program;

- Month / Year scheduled for completion;

- Date of approval of the thesis proposal or dissertation (qualification);

- Summary;

- Keywords (according to the above related issues).

The paper content should be sent in a separate file the cover sheet and must be presented in a clear and objective manner through the following topics:

- Problem characterization;

- Theoretical basis;

- Search Method;

- Current Job Status;

- Related Work;

- Expected Results.

The topics listed above are essential in the paper, but need not be in isolated sections, or be presented in that order. The paper should also contain: title, authors identification , affiliation, abstract in English and abstract in Portuguese.

The paper should follow the format of papers SBC (SBC template) and be submitted in PDF format (only) with the following number of pages limit:

- Master: cover page and up to 6 pages of content.

- Doctor: cover page and up to 8 pages of content.

Works in a other format than PDF, which exceed the number of pages or violating the format instructions will not be considered. The paper will only be published / displayed if one author at least, in this case, the student graduate responsible for the thesis or dissertation, are registered for the event.

Submissions should be made by the JEMS SBC system.


Sheila Reinehr (PUCPR)


Adriano Albuquerque – Universidade de Fortaleza

Alexandre Vasconcelos  – Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Ana Regina Rocha – COPPE/UFRJ

Andreia Malucelli – PUCPR

Gleison Santos – Unirio

Humberto Marques – PUC Minas

Juliano Lopes de Oliveira – Universidade Federal de Goiás

Kathia Marçal de Oliveira – Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis

Raul Wazlawick – Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Ricardo Falbo – Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo

Rodrigo Reis – Universidade Federal do Pará

Toacy Oliveira – COPPE/UFRJ

Uirá Kulesza – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte